How to Pay for Your Wedding in Cash

Marriage doesn't have to equal Debt

Learn How to set a Budget & Pay for Your Wedding in Cash!


Do You want a Debt-Free Wedding?

I know what you're thinking.

"Weddings are too expensive to pay off all at once!"

"She must make a lot more money than I do to be able to pull this off..."

"Just because it worked for them doesn't mean it will work for us"

And so on... 

Girl! I was a single mom, supporting myself and my daughter for the past 8 years. I am a master at finding money and making it work for me. I can show you how to do the same! 

PS. While saving up for the wedding, I was also saving money to start a business, AND saving up living expenses for the next year so that I could quit my corporate job. 

Anything is possible once you decide that it is. 

I am Choosing a Debt Free Wedding!

Avoid being a Statistic 

Money is the #1 issue that couples fight about.

Money is often a huge cause of stress when planning a wedding, taking away from the happiness of your engagement. 

Starting your new life together should be a wonderful and joyous time, not one shadowed by credit card and vendor bills.

Start Your Marriage off Right!

Talk to your partner about your finances

Start planning for your future together right now!

Figure out how to pay for your wedding up front, so you never have to worry about it after your honeymoon

Plan for your life together beyond the big day, and save yourselves from the debt and stress! 

Yes! I Want a Debt Free Wedding!

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