Boss Babes

These are Amazing Women who set out to follow their dreams and passions. They inspire me, and I know they can have a positive impact on your life, too! 

Erin - Soul Naked CEO's

Erin is an amazing Life & Business Coach who empowers women to find their life's purpose! I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance. If you are ready to level up in your business and be in some amazing energy, Erin has 1-on-1 and group coaching available!

Spiritual CEO

Lisa - AZFitYogi

Lisa has an incredible ability to personalize yoga for everybody. Her group classes and private lessons incorporate her extensive knowledge of yoga and physical therapy to offer a truly personal experience. If you haven't taken a yoga class with Lisa, you haven't seen how amazing yoga can be. 


Nylmar - SimplyBossBabe

Nylmar is the definition of a Boss Babe! She is an Engineer Manager, Photographer, Blogger, and all around amazing woman. Her blog and Instagram account provide insight and advice to entrepreneurs as well as woman who are climbing the corporate ladder. If you're a boss babe (aren't we all?!) this is for you. 


Trisha Longley

After struggling to find products that would work with her curly hair, Trisha decided to make her own 100% all natural hair products for curly hair. The results have been amazing! 

Longley Locks

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