Self Worth vs. Net Worth

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2019

Self Worth and Net Worth are not equal. One is so much more important than the other. One directly affects the other one. And it's not the one you may think.

Self-worth is defined as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.” Our own value. Not the value of things that we own.

Net-worth is a measure of how much money you have left after all of your debts are paid. This does take into account the things that we own.

But often people chase the net-worth, and ignore the self-worth. 

A lot of us find ourselves chasing a dollar amount or a status, thinking that when we get there we will finally be happy. We buy the latest things, fill our homes with all of the stuff, and wait for more money to repeat those steps.

Never truly feeling fulfilled, or like we have enough. Never feeling like we are enough.

When we don't feel worthy of success, it is impossible to be successful. And so the cycle continues.

If you're chasing Success, instead of filling yourself up from the inside - the scary truth is that you may never be happy. We all know those people who hit their income or business goals, but still don't feel quite as happy as they thought they would. They reach new milestones, but still don't feel like they've "made it". They are earning more money now than they ever have before, but can't seem to keep it, or aren't sure where it goes.

Some people keep their life on hold until they get to a certain place that they've created in their minds. A place that unfortunately, doesn't exist. 

We've all heard the saying "It's the journey, not the destination", but we don't realize that it applies to our happiness and financial abundance.  

Society tells us that we have to have more to be worthy. We have to earn more money. We have to constantly work on being better than we are right now. Work should be hard and life is complicated.

But I'm here to reiterate what so many have said before me - life is as hard as you make it.

You get to decide if you are happy.  You have to start with You.


You, reading this right now. You are enough. You are so much more than enough.

But it's not going to make any difference in your life if someone else has to tell you that you are enough. You can read these words a million times, and you can hear them from a hundred different sources, but it won't make sense until you truly believe it.

If you're thinking right now that you'll believe it "when" something happens, or "if" something happens - that is exactly the problem.

When we don't feel worthy of success, it is impossible to be successful. And so the cycle continues.

The money that never seems to be enough is a reflection of how you feel inside.

Once You feel like You are enough, once your Self Worth increases, the money will also seem like enough now, and in turn will increase as well.

You don't have to believe this, but that doesn't make it any less true.

You don't have to believe in yourself right now, but you are still worthy.

If what you're doing right now isn't fulfilling, what's the harm in trying something new? What if it believing in yourself does work? What do you honestly have to lose? 

Be proud and grateful to be yourself right now.

Realize that you are worthy right now, and watch how your increasing Self Worth directly impacts your Net Worth.

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