More Money Won't Solve Your Problems

budgeting Oct 10, 2019
How would you feel If someone gave you $200,000?
Now, how would you feel if someone put $200,000 into your bank account, but told you that you could never use it?
Not quite the same, right?
Money doesn't do you any good just sitting in an account somewhere.
Even if it was in an investment account gaining value - it doesn't help you, if you could never use it.
What you really want is what more money will allow you to do.
The feelings that it brings along with it.
  • The happiness to know that you're taken care of.
  • The relief that you won't have to worry about money anymore.
  • The excitement of the possibilities in front of you.
  • The security of knowing all of your bills will be paid.
What would you do with a gift of $200,000?
Would you take some time to figure out what you would do with all of this money?
Would you buy material things that will make you feel good for a while?
Would you pay off your debt, donate some, invest the rest, and set yourself up for financial freedom for years to come?
The answer to this question will tell you a lot about how you perceive money, and what your financial future will be.
What would you do if someone gave you a gift of $200? Or $20?
Did your priorities change when the amount was reduced?
Why is $20 disposable and easily spent, but $200,000 would be carefully planned for?
It's a bit backwards isn't it?
We think that when we have a TON of money, we'll take good care of it and plan out how to spend it.
Yet, when we have a small amount of money it ends up being spent before we know what happened.
The paradox is that most of us won't ever get to that $200,000 mark until we learn how to manage the $20 and $200...
All of those feelings that you think are only possible once you have 6 figures in your bank account are possible now.
Learn to appreciate the smaller amounts - every self-made millionaire started where you are now.
Feel happy, excited, relieved, and secure when you get an extra $20.
Put it towards your future goals.
Realize that $20 can become so much more when you take care of it, and put it to work for you.



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