Are you Ready for Financial Freedom?

This 6 week course will teach you how to Budget from a place of Abundance, Reshape your Mindset around Money, and prepare you for Financial Success for the Rest of Your Life.

I'm Ready!

You Deserve Financial Freedom

Are you ready to be done with the struggle of trying to stick to a budget?

Do you want to learn how to make your money work for you, in order to have everything that you desire?

Maybe you've tried other methods, but you can't seem to stick with them consistently.

Would you love to be surrounded by people who are also ready to take control of their money once and for all? 

 Are you ready to finally stop waiting for your next paycheck, next month, or next year, and start living the life of your dreams now? 

Have you always known that you were meant to do more in life than just pay bills and scrape by? 

Yes! That is Me! I want to join the Course!

I know what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck.

I know exactly what it is like to feel like you will never get ahead financially. 

I have been there and wondered why other people had money and I didn't. 

And I know all about the determination, self love, and practical steps that it takes to get in control of your money, and never have financial worries again. 

I know what it feels like to pay off student loans

I know exactly what it takes to get out of credit card debt for good

I spent 8 years learning these lessons, but I want you to be able to learn much faster!

Are you Ready to take Control of your Finances and Master Your Money Mindset?!

True Financial Freedom is understanding the practical aspects of money management - budgeting and expense tracking, while also raising your Self Worth, and shifting your Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance. 

What's in the Course?

  • Personalized budgeting tips and mindset shifts
  • Learn how to set up a budget that makes you feel abundant now
  • Create empowering beliefs around money that will set you up for success for years to come! 


6 Week Abundant Budgeting & Money Mindset Course

In this course you will learn how to Master your Money Mindset, and start to Budget from a place of Abundance!

The course includes:

  • 12 Lessons - Practical Applications and Instructions on how to Budget, and Money Mindset Prompts and Discussions
  • Abundant Budgeting Spreadsheet with Instructional Videos 
  • Personalized Coaching through any Budget issues or Mindset blocks
  • New course content every week for 6 weeks, Weekly follow ups, E-mails, and Zoom calls with the group

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